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Best Parks and Outdoor Spaces In Toronto

Ashbridges Bay

Activities:Food carts, Picnic spots, Beach volleyball, Bird watching, Swimming & Hiking.

Bluffers Park

Activities:Beach, High cliffs, Hiking Trails, Boat mechanics on site, Two restaurants, a snack bar and more.

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1. “Party” is your middle name.

2. You want to really get to know your brother’s fiancée.

3. You have a hankering to ride around in a limo all night.

4. You need to boogie-woogie with a male stripper.

5. The bride is dropping subtle hints: “Gee, a bachelorette party might be fun!”

6. Embarrassing your engaged friend a little sounds like a good time.

7. The whole wedding party needs to blow off some steam.

8. Did someone say “theme party”?

9. It’s been too long since you’ve shown off your culinary skills.

10. The bride needs something to do while the bachelor party is going on.

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There is very little etiquette written on bachelorette parties, which is great news for the host who’s planning one, because you’re restricted by very little. If you don’t have a lot of party-planning experience, Hen Party Toronto is a great place to cut your teeth, so to speak. Bachelorette parties, in particular, are fun to host.

Maybe you’ve been to some really terrific parties and you feel like you could never duplicate the success of other host—or maybe you’ve been to some truly awful gatherings and you’re afraid that your own party would fall flat. Relax. Hosting a party isn’t brain surgery, though you will need an open mind, along with some basic organizational skills and maybe a little help from someone. No matter what type of stags and hens party your engaged friend is looking for, Hen Party Toronto will give you ideas and tips for planning a successful event.

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A Spa Party is the per­fect com­bi­na­tion of relax­ing spa ser­vices and a gath­er­ing of friends or co-workers or just Gather with your clos­est friends and have a Ladies Day Out to cel­e­brate the upcom­ing occa­sion!.Even once little girls get over the whole princess fantasy, they still enjoy being pretty and pampered.Our AWARD WINNING PAMPER PARTY PACKAGES for hens nights and bridal showers are the perfect way for any bride-to-be to unwind.

"Your spa party can be hosted in your own home, a friend’s home, a hotel, or any other venue."

Our Day Spa Parties are interactive, all about fun and giving you the pamper works! Our friendly party hosts will entertain guests as they are pampered with fun team building games.

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Bubble soccer is the brand new sports to enjoy your incredible weekends, holidays, parties or events with thrill and spills in Toronto city. Bubble soccer is a combination of playing soccer with an enormous 1.6m diameter zorb balls wrapped from head to waist with only players legs free to move. Bubble soccer is played as a team game with the objective of scoring more goals than the opposing team. Players try to collide with one another meaning any efforts to actually play soccer bring hilarious results thus it is called "Bumper ball" or "Bubble Soccer”.


Bubble Soccer can be played on a football pitch, open and clear grass fields and also indoor sports hall. It is completely safe and doesn't hurt when you hit the ground. Bubble soccer can be enjoyed by all ages and you'll laugh yourself silly and have a great time playing this craziest sport with your colleagues, friends and family. No hard rules to play this crazy sports where teams compete to score goals without ever being allowed to touch the ball with their hands.

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